Diesel is a beautiful male Vizsla that is one of our stud dogs. He is a 60lbs hunting machine. He has excellent field trial bloodlines. His dam Shiloh’s Southern Reckonin (Trouble) was the NVA National All Age Classic Winner (2012) and NVA Western Classic Runner up (2012). Diesel has no history of hip, eye, or any kind of health problems. He is a very talented dog that has an exceptional drive, nose, energy level and confirmation. He is very friendly around everyone and plays great with our kids. He is very driven hunting dog that finds a lot of birds. He hunts with tons of style with a 12 o’clock tail set and really high head allowing him to get his nose in the wind to help him find birds. He has a great looking blocky head and a broad chest with tons of muscle mass. His solid back end and large gait allows him to cover a lot of ground. He has great style while on point with a 12 o’clock tail set and staunch point.

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