OUTDOORSMAN VIZSLAS | Nash - OUTDOORSMAN Vizslas - Our Primary Stud Dog


Nash is a beautiful male Vizsla that is our primary stud dog. He is a 58lbs hunting machine. He has excellent bloodlines with no history of hip, eye, or any kind of health problems. He is the most obedient dog that i have ever owned. His passion is to please. He loves to play and is great with kids. He is very driven hunting dog with years of experience. He is a medium runner with unbelievable drive, energy, confirmation, and skilled nose. He will run all day and points with style. He has a great looking blocky head and a very broad chest with tons of muscle mass. Some vizslas are tall and thin. He has an average height but is built like a brick house. He is 8 years old and still hunting strong.

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